20 by 20 MEXICO 

The first project Adobe for Women will be in Mexico, helping 20 women in the indigenous village of San Juan Mixtepec, in the State of Oaxaca.
The houses are energy efficient and built with local materials such as clay and bamboo.
Each house costs only 3 830,84€!
For these 20 women will very little economical resources, the opportunity to have their own home is the dream of a lifetime.
We need to raise 76 616.80€ to achieve our first goal.
However, building may begin as soon as money for the first house is raised. This way, step-by-step, house-by-house, we are confident that we will achieve what we set ourselves out to do.

“I believe the story of these women is a lesson about life for all of us: with a little help, great projects can be achieved.”

Marcela Taboada, Photographer of the Mujeres de Arcilla project in the 90’s

Powerty | PORTUGAL

As a Portuguese association, we have always had a desire to actively contribute to improvements in our country. Thus, the goal of AFW’s second project is to intervene in informal and problematic social neighbourhoods belonging to the Municipality of Loures, in Lisbon, Portugal, simultaneously arousing the attention of the surrounding population to the potential that these neighbourhoods represent. In collaboration with the non-profit Sapana and the Loures Municipality, the project POWERTY! will be developed will be developed following two fundamental aspects: Awakening and Empowerment.

Our goal is to increase project visibility as well as generate added value for donors.
We dream of being able to implement this project or similar in other countries, many of which have the same needs and where a place decent enough to call a home is needed.
We also intend to multiply our partners and contacts and be able to create more and better answers to the social needs we commit to.